Sex cams: Techniques for beginners

sex cams beginner

The world of sex cams online is just a click away: nothing more natural than wishing to try to have a good time with a sexy animator. Because live cams can be expensive for those who are not used to it, here are some tips on how to save your tokens on sex cam sites.

Choosing the right camgirl

They are many, HOT and seductive girls behind their cams, so how to make the right choice? Several elements can be observed. First, many cam sex sites offer rating systems. The guys who passed before you can leave an appreciation. Then, there are “Awards” on adult live show platforms, if a host has something to fantasize about, it surely has some honors to his credit.
Do not be fooled by the price. Good camgirls are more expensive than others. Finally, read the profile and features of the model: we all have our preferences and so do they. Some animators do not practice all your sexual fantasies and will sometimes refuse to play the game.

Break the ice with a little role play

The first time you find yourself in front of a host who is willing to do anything to please you, you are often a little intimidated … Most guys are just waiting for the show, it starts and it’s over.
To prolong the pleasure, nothing is better than a small scenario. Most girls like to play the game because it’s exciting for them too. There are great classics to test: the student, the gym teacher (or something else), the secretary, the nurse, the boss… Just suggest to your girl to play a little to make contact, dive in the skin of your characters, which will unlock the dialogue and make your experience much more… hot!

Sexcams: lead the dance!

If you feel like attacking, take the lead and make your requests. Your camgirl is there to satisfy your fantasies so she will not be offended. Keep in mind that even with respect to sexcams, respect is in order. Nothing is more blocking for a girl than a client who disrespects her, she could cut her show and you will have lost your chips.

On the contrary: compliment, give her naughty little names and take the opportunity to ask her to show you her talents. Girls like to see the effect they make on you, so it’s very common that they offer you to go for a cam to cam show. Plug in your webcam and spice up the exchanges: show her what you’ve got!

Know when to stop

Finally, as a last tip for beginners in terms of sexcams: it can go wrong. If the model you choose disappoints you, either because she doesn’t please you physically or because you realize that she doesn’t excite you, then do not waste your time or your tokens and cut the session short. It’s not difficult (you are the customer), just give a short explanation (ex: “sorry, the show does not suit me, I prefer to stop there, thank you and good evening“).

There are so many sexy hot girls online on cam sites, it would be a shame not to find them! To help you find the platform that will make you addicted, take a look at our sexcams site reviews.

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