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Sex is an important part of our lives. However, we tend to let it fall in the routine or even completely disappear after some time… Meanwhile, there’s another exciting parallel world in which different sexual options and sex trends start to gain more and more visibility. Once a taboo, sex is now the weapon against monotony and routine… are you ready to discover a brand new sexy world ?

Sleeping with a porn actress?

A common phantasm amongst men is to sleep with a woman that embraces her love for sex ! But how to do to get in touch with this kind of girls in the X world? (if you’re not planning to become a porn actor yourself obviously…) Libertines bars Porn actresses are locals to libertine bars[…]

The boom of mobile porno

According to a study, English people have recently revealed that porn content is increasingly being watched from mobile devices : indeed a popular and incrementing practice that already counts with over 136 billion of X videos watched in Internet through a mobile platform (smartphone and tablet). The British institute has compared the consumption of porn[…]

Webcam Scams: what to do ?

The Scammers on the web have no scruples, they use the nastiest techniques in order to take advantage on users and empty their bank accounts : a threat from which sexcam websites are not immune to ! Scam sexcam, how do we fall into the trap ? Whether it is on a chat, on a[…]

5 reasons to try Sexcam sites

The sex livecam website Livejasmin has a great variety of hot camgirls. Hard no to get excited seeing such a collection of boiling breasts ! We specially like LivesJasmin as it has great quality content for its users in comparison with other camsex websites. We have summed up 5 good reasons to choose this sex[…]

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